nothing is either good or bad, but thinking makes it so. -Shakespeare


Disney • Pixar Christmas Icons (Part 4)
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for Wheaties



can we discuss jane and belle’s different teaching techniques

and how

jane is teaching tarzan how to read with basic children’s books:

“see jane.”

“see jane run.”

while belle on the other hand decides that the first thing beast should learn how to read is

shakespeare’s romeo and juliet

Belle’s having none of your uncultured shit.

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Carl Fredricksen’s face and gruff personality are based on Spencer Tracy and Walter Matthau.

Spencer Tracy in Adams Rib… I just.. my heart.. too great

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mantra for the week:

do not puke. do not cry. 

you can do this. it’s just 5 days. 

do not puke. do not cry. 

side note: I’m keeping a tally this week, how many times I cry. thank you hormones and stress and thesis and exams. y’all rock. ergh ferge derm ert

I can’t wait to burn all my thesis materials. 

and my physics stuff. 

and for this semester to be over.